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Are you ready to start attracting clients on autopilot, confidently showing up on your social media platforms and spend less time on social media with better results? 

1:1 Social Media


Wouldn't it be amazing if...

you could attract new ideal followers without spending hours on social media, constantly posting and engaging 

you could effortlessly create content that your followers love to interact with and share on their own platforms 

you could show up on video without any fears and confidently talk about your business and all the amazing things you have to offer 

your dream clients could easily find you online and would be reaching out because they would absolutely love to work with you

you would constantly be getting thank you messages and recommendations from your dream clients because they loved your incredible service/product 

What can you expect?

An unconventional and super actionable 8-week social media coaching programme.


In my experience, you can know all the social media theory and have the best strategy, but unless you find passion and excitement about what you do, the results you want will keep evading you. So we throw those rules out the window for a minute and look at what really lights you up! Together we define your own individual social media and online path you'll be excited about (and not dread the thought of!).

When you create from a place of inspiration and fun, and are in your best possible energy, your dream clients will find you faster and build that real & honest connection with you. And you won't be afraid to promote your services because you'll do it with your heart (not because you have to!) and get excited about it every single time. 

After this 8-week 1:1 coaching, you'll see social media as a fun place, where you can be creative, where you can comfortably be yourself, serve others and help them with your wonderful product or service.  

Every week we dive into a new topic (ranging from different social media platforms to strategy, your vision, mindset, visibility & confidence) and celebrate your achievements. Along with all the theory, this program is packed with mindset work, weekly prompts & homework because I want you to take action and see progress and results (!!) during our time together.

I'll be encouraging you through every step of the way, keep you accountable and hold a place for you to evolve and let go of all the fears and the overwhelm. My mission is to show you that you are better, stronger and more capable than you think and what amazing things can happen if you work from your heart. 💗

Ready to get over your fear of visibility and attract clients on autopilot?

By the end of this coaching programme, you’ll be able to effortlessly create content that converts, enjoy every step of the process and grow your following & your business without spending hours and hours online and on social media. 


8 weekly 1:1 coaching calls (60-90 min)

Recordings of all our calls

Weekly workbooks and action plans

Your individual success strategy with exact steps mapped out

A 3-month content plan for your socials 

24/7 hands-on support from me for the duration of the coaching through a private support channel 

Perfect for you if:

you have no strategy, no plan, no goals for your online marketing strategy and are confused by thousands of freebies, each one telling you to do something else


you want to promote your services online and on social media (without being too salesy!), but are scared to start 

you feel uncomfortable becoming visible on social media and are afraid of showing yourself 

you have no idea which social media platforms or online marketing channels would be best for your business

you're not sure how to create fresh and new content that converts followers to clients and that audience would love to share and interact with

you’re either overwhelmed by social media or you’re not getting the results you want (or both), which is why you want to learn how to do it so you can actually see positive changes  

you want to learn how to attract clients on autopilot, put in the work and grow your business

you don’t want to spend hours online and on social media marketing activities, but still want to see results 

you want more support and accountability to make sure you follow through and start taking action 

What my clients are saying...


"At the beginning of our 1:1 coaching, I had practically no experience with social media, no idea how it works, no plan or strategy and was terrified of becoming visible. During the programme, Tajda gave me more and more tools and knowledge on how social media works and how I can use it for myself. One of my big "aha" moments was when I realized that my fear of visibility was very normal and human and seeing how it slowly started to turn into trust.

I loved the workbooks and the live calls where Tajda explained everything. She patiently answered numerous questions, was by my side this whole time and most of all, I got to do things at my own pace. I definitely have a completely different approach to social media now. One of the biggest transformations is that I feel confident to show myself and share what I have to give with the world. I know I'm just starting my business journey, but the foundations are set and I'm ready to give it my all this year! Tajda always said to me: "Do what feels good to you. And if you show yourself like you really are, you're on the right path!" And that's exactly what I'm going to do.

I can absolutely recommend coaching with Tajda from the bottom of my heart. It's perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to start their business journey and become visible online, but doesn't know where to start! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING dear Tajda and I wish you a lot of success! 

Gabriele Weber | @miss_gabrieleweber

If you still have questions...

How do I know if this programme is right for me?


I encourage you to listen to your gut feeling. If it resonated with you and made you feel excited just imagining where you could be after we work together, then apply for a free complimentary call where we can get to know each other better and see whether it’s a 100% yes. 

Can I join even if I don’t have a business yet? 


You absolutely can. Since we’ll be covering all the basics, this is a great way for you to set the foundations and start putting everything into motion, so by the time you’re ready to launch, you’ll have your own individual success strategy mapped out and ready to go.  

How much time will I need to invest in this coaching programme?


Since it’s quite action-packed, I suggest you plan in 4-6 hours a week to get through the weekly workbook, videos, exercises, and the coaching call. As with everything, the more time and work you put in, the better results you’ll be able to see.

Is this program just for women?


Not at all. While I do mostly work with women, this program is open to anyone who is just starting out or already has a business. 


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