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Why is transformational coaching so  successful ? 

Transformational coaching vs. other types of coaching

Transformational coaching is similar to sports coaching (where coaching originated), life coaching, performance coaching, etc. in that it’s forward-moving and future-oriented, it focuses on creating change in an individual's life, and supports their personal and professional growth.


Generally, all coaches partner together with their clients in a way that helps them move from a present point in their life that doesn’t bring them happiness or fulfillment to a certain point in the future where they will have reached a desired goal/outcome and feel better emotionally. 

But unlike other types of coaching transformational coaching has a different approach to change. It doesn’t just help clients develop a strategy to achieve the outer goals they want, but it also supports them in clearing any internal blocks (fears, limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns, inner critic, etc.) that inevitably show as they move towards their goals.


It transforms these blocks at the root, which helps clients create long-lasting and sustainable change that manifests itself in up-leveling all areas of their life and making the path to any current and future goals much easier. 


Working with blocks at the root creates real change

When we’re not successful in reaching a goal of fulfilling our desire it doesn’t mean that we should give up or that it wasn’t meant to be. In fact, in the majority of cases, we’re just unconsciously blocking ourselves from having it, which prevents us from taking (successful) action.


Some of these inner blocks are easier to transform and can be resolved on the cognitive (mental), behavioral or emotional level, and others are rooted deep in our unconscious and need a deeper process.


Until we transform them at the root though, we keep unconsciously blocking and self-sabotaging ourselves and we aren’t able to really change our outer world to the degree that we would like. But once they are resolved, true and long-lasting change can happen. From there all of our next steps are easier, more aligned, and enjoyable. 


That’s why in transformational coaching we work from the inside out. We don’t just focus on the outside goals, but we slow it down and see what exactly has been holding us back internally and why.


We bring acceptance and understanding to all parts of us and transform our blocks from within. Only when those parts are healed and accepted, we can move towards creating the outer goals we want with an aligned action plan that inspires, not forces us into action.

When you transform your inner world everything changes

The moment you start embodying your inherent worth and your inner power and when you know your values you start making different choices. You feel confident, balanced, happy, fulfilled, and on purpose.


You don’t settle for things that don’t reflect your true worth and therefore you choose a better job, better opportunities, a more loving partner, you start earning more money, the quality of your relationships changes and you have the tools that can help you move through any difficult or challenging situation in life. 

My coaching approach: facilitating long-lasting change on 5 levels

As a Mastery Method™ Coach, I partner with you to create long-lasting and sustainable changes in your life on 5 levels - somatic, emotional, mental, behavioral, and unconscious.


Coaching normally focuses on building more self-awareness and facilitating a change in your behavior, but with this method we take a more holistic approach and work on your mindset, emotional mastery, reprogramming your beliefs, creating a sustainable change in your behavior (it’s sustainable because it’s aligned with you and your values) and processing your emotions and energy through your body. 


Each private coaching package is different and it’s customized to you, your needs, goals, and blocks. You are held and supported in the best way possible for you to step into the next version of yourself and to start creating a life you really desire.


The truth is that there are absolutely no limits to what you can be, do or achieve. And when you do the work, you will see miracles unfold. 

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