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The Power Of Creating Your Life & Career With Intention

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Two weeks ago I co-hosted a day retreat with my friend Solveig (founder of English Yoga Meetup) and the topic was creating with intention. Being intentional is one of our superpowers and I wanted to share more about it with you so you can start using this powerful skill in your daily life.

Are you reacting to life or co-creating your life?

Most of us go with the flow and react to life vs being intentional and co-create the experience that we want to bring to life.

Instead of focusing or settling for something that's "available" and in plain sight right now, I invite you to start co-creating your future experience now.

Start by asking yourself what you would like to create. If that's a dream career / new job, perfect - what does that look like? How do you feel when you work there? How do you contribute? How do your contributions impact the world?

Get into details of how you want that experience to feel, but let go of the shape & form of how you imagine it taking place. (For example: instead of saying "I want to work at x company", say "I want to work at a company that values and respects their employees, that offers flexibility, where there's room for creativity, where I can use my talents, where my opinion carries a certain weight, where workdays are fun and collaboration is encouraged...")

And then every day set the intention to receive ideas / guidance / information, meet people that know/work for that kind of company.

Release the intention, but stay in aligned action & follow the nudges.

That's how you intentionally co-create your experiences.

When we're being intentional, we take the lead

We take control of the steering wheel and drive the car in the direction we want. We don’t let life take us anywhere it wants, we consciously guide it.

Being intentional immediately puts us back into our power and into our center.

By setting an intention, we:

👉 Focus and streamline our energy (and the energy of the universe) in one specific direction vs diluting it without real focus

👉 Can hook a specific behaviour/action to an intention much more easily

👉 Engage the mind to work for us vs against us: our mind is an amazing problem-solving machine and always looks for solutions. As soon as we set an intention, it will start coming up with different ways to support it.

👉 Engage the higher intelligence (you can call this universe, life, god, your higher self...): we live in a supportive universe, why not allow ourselves to receive support? You can say "This or something better for my highest good and the highest good of everyone concerned."

Setting an intention means that we are not only clear about our desire/goal, but even more so how we want to feel along the way, on our journey towards the goal.

Best practices for setting an intention

The beauty of intentions is that we get to release the HOW, we just have to focus on the WHAT.

We can be intentional about anything: I like to set an intention in the morning for my day, before any of my events, before every coaching session, before I go into an important conversation / important situation / experience that I want to have...

I also encourage my clients to set their intention for each coaching session before we begin.

Practical guidelines:

✨ Set the intention for how you want to feel & how you want to show up vs receiving the end result because that can add a lot of pressure ("I set the intention that I'm open to new ideas for my dream career" vs "I set the intention to find a dream job today")

✨ To get clear on your intention you can ask yourself:

  • How do I want to feel in this new experience?

  • What motivates me to create this experience?

  • What do I want to get from this experience?

  • How do I want to show up? What energy do I want to enter this situation from?

Our intention sets the energy, and experience always follows.

Examples of intentions:

  • "I set the intention that I am open to meeting new people, receiving new ideas, and making new connections."

  • "I set the intention to become more aware of my gifts and strengths."

  • "I set the intention to speak my truth."

  • "I set the intention to powerfully serve today."

  • "I set the intention that I feel at ease and that this meeting is loving, compassionate, and productive."

Do you use intentions in your daily life? If yes, share some examples in the comments so we can inspire each other. 👇

And if not, are you open to experimenting with intentions this week? Let me know!

With all my love & gratitude

Tajda 🌷


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