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Don't Know What You Want To Do With Your Life? Here's My 5-Minute Recipe For Clarity

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If you're sitting in front of your laptop, answering the 50th email of the day that won't make a difference, stuck in meetings that lead nowhere, wondering why you're still holding on to a corporate job you feel zero passion for, let me tell ya... I've been there. ✨

Not only that, see if this resonates too: back then I knew (I KNEW!) that I needed to change my job and possibly my entire career - I was burned out, I kept counting down the days and hours until Friday 6pm, disliking 75% of my week 🫣​ - but I kept postponing it because I "didn't know what I wanted."

The truth was I knew damn well what I wanted (or at the very minimum, I had a lot of clues!), but I didn't want to admit it to myself because it was scary! 💗​

What I wanted was to not be in marketing. I wanted to work when I wanted, wake up when I wanted, to not have someone constantly tell me what to do. I wanted to feel excited about my projects and my work, to make a difference... I wanted to help people, either as a coach or a therapist.

But for that I needed to:

  • start from scratch because my law degree, masters in journalism and experience in marketing weren't going to cut it

  • invest time, money and energy into high-level professional trainings

  • start a business, which I'd never done before

  • be ok with potential failure

  • trust in myself.

Ayayay. 😎​🙈​

No wonder I kept telling myself I didn't know what I want. Even though I hated my job, it was still ... comfortable and familiar and safe.

So here's what I'm getting at.

In my experience most of us know what we want, but we're either scared of making that change or don't believe that it's possible.

So if you catch yourself saying or *thinking* that you don't know what you want, I'm going to challenge you on that because that doesn't serve you and it takes away your power and agency.

Here's what I want you to do. 👇​

My 5-MINUTE RECIPE to go from "I don't know what I want to do with my life" to "I know what I want"

Over the next 24 hours reflect on these two powerful questions (either by journaling, meditating on them or sharing your answers with a friend):

1️⃣​ How is it serving me to not know? What's the payoff for not knowing?

2️⃣​ What do I know right now?

These questions help you see what's unconsciously holding you back and focus on what's here vs on what's not here.

I want you to be able to either say:

✨​ "I may not have aaaaall the information just yet, but this is what I do know..."

✨​ "I'm choosing not to know because..."

Tell me honestly, doesn't that immediately make you feel more badass? 😉​

🎁​ Bonus for even more clarity: If you know your Enneagram personality type go back to your report and see what motivates you (achievements, connection, creativity, power, etc.). This information is gold and it helps you understand what you're really craving in your life and career.

If you don't know the Enneagram yet, this is my FAVOURITE personality test that I use with my clients - it's so powerful that it helps me shave off 3 hours of coaching! If you're curious to know more about the Enneagram and how to use it to find clarity & get unstuck in your life or career, I'll be hosting a fun (and free) online training next Thursday, 18.07.2024.

I can't wait to introduce this work to you + I'll share the registration link details later this week.

From my heart to yours 🌷​🫶​

Life Coaching Frankfurt, Tajda Glazer


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