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How Do You Know If You're Making The Right Decision About Your Future?

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

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I'll keep this one short and sweet.

If you're hesitant about whether you're making the right decision (a decision that is aligned with you) about your future (especially if it's a big decision, for example around your career, partnership, business, investments, etc.), these powerful questions will help you get more clarity:

  • Is your decision 100% YES for you? (yes or no)

  • Does this decision light up your body or do you feel resistance/nothing?

  • If you were to say yes to this today, what images of the future do you see?

  • If you were to say no to this today, what images of the future do you see?

  • Is your decision aligned with your values? Does it entail what matters to you most?

  • Would you look back in 10 years and regret making this decision or not making this decision?

In my experience, there are no wrong decisions.

If you slow it down and look back at your life with the benefit of hindsight, would you say that you ever truly made a wrong decision?

Could you even make a wrong decision?

It can be that it doesn't turn out the way your mind/ego may have wanted, but was it really wrong? Or was there a lesson you learned about yourself, your path, what's important to you?

Another way of making decisions: trusting the intuitive knowing of our bodies

When it comes to making decisions, we often rely on our analytical minds and forget that there's another, more powerful way of knowing that's available to us: embodied decision-making.

Our body is the unconscious: it has access to a deeper knowing beyond our limited mind + it communicates with us through emotions. It's such a powerful tool, but most of us don't grow up listening to our bodies when it comes to decisions, which is why we don't often use it, nor do we trust it to "get it right."

My advice: just follow the yes, follow the excitement, and follow what feels good in your body.

Here is a short overview to help you start practicing embodied decision-making in addition to the way you've been doing it up until now:

✅  Signs that a decision is a YES for you:

  • it feels exciting & a little scary

  • you have butterflies in your stomach, your body & heart react to it in a pleasant way (you feel warmth in your chest & belly, excitement...)

  • you keep coming back to it, thinking about it, imagining what it would be like...

  • it feels expansive and it calls you forward

⛔  Signs that a decision is a NO for you:

  • your body doesn't react to it, it's a colder response

  • it may feel restrictive / resistant / hard / heavy in your body

  • there is no excitement

  • it's taking you forever to decide

In case embodied decision-making is new to you, I invite you to start making little experiments with smaller decisions (what food to buy, which friend to invite for dinner, whether you should go to this workshop or that workshop...). See how a decision feels in your body and follow the yes!

This will help you track what happens, what it feels if you trust your body vs just your mind and build trust in the response of your body.

Are you willing to experiment with this in the next 24 hours?

Let me know in the comments. 👇 

With all my love & gratitude

Tajda 🌷 


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