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Why It Matters That You Become A Conscious Leader Of Your Life

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

In this article, you'll learn about the 9 qualities of conscious leaders, how to live your life from a place of empowerment and guide it in the direction you want, inspiring others along the way.

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95% of our behavior is driven by our unconscious mind. That means that a good majority of the time we think, believe, feel, and behave a certain way without being CONSCIOUS of why and we’re unintentional and reactive in our behavior. It's like we're puppets being guided by an invisible string we're unaware of.

The majority of us still live out of our ego: we take things personally, identify with what we do/ have, we do things because we're supposed to (not because we want to), want things because we're supposed to, feel powerless, don't see the possibilities because they're blocked by our limitations, and live our lives out of conditioning and programming we received up until the age of 7.

Part of being a conscious leader of your life is waking up from that sleepwalking and starting to make the unconscious conscious, in other words, to become self-aware and self-exploratory. That practice helps you upgrade your software and live your life more intentionally - from a place of empowerment vs disempowerment.

That will not only fundamentally change your life, but it will show others what's possible for them, which is one of the greatest gifts we can give to each other.

"Conscious leadership starts with you: it’s about consciously leading your life and being an inspiration to others around what’s possible." - Alyssa Nobriga

The price and rewards that come with conscious leadership

Yes, there is a price to pay if you want to become a conscious leader.

You have to show up differently. Get out of your comfort zone. Heal your wounds, do your inner work, face your fears, do things that scare you.

You need to start making different decisions, consciously. Become bolder and more determined in creating what you want. Set boundaries and make different priorities.

If you want a toned body you have to make a conscious choice to prioritise working out and eating healthy meals. There's an element of CONSCIOUS CHOICE + ACTION. Sure, you can wish for a toned body with all your might and visualize it every day, but if you don't make a choice and prioritize working out, I'm afraid it won't just magically appear.

It's the same with our vision and our dreams for our life.

A lot of people would rather stay in their comfort zone and not change how they show up. What about you?

If you do decide to become a conscious leader, the rewards are endless. You:

  • feel a deep sense of empowerment and awareness that you have control over the direction of your life

  • create opportunities vs wait for opportunities to come to you

  • become resourceful and see possibilities everywhere

  • dream big vs keep yourself small

  • create deep, safe, and loving relationships

  • feel mentally and physically strong

  • become an inspiration to others

  • and so much more...

9 qualities of conscious leaders

As conscious leaders, we:

1. Know that we're not victims to the outer circumstances and that we have the power over our well-being & the direction of our life.

No more allowing life to take us along, feeling helpless, and sitting in the passenger seat. We are clear about what we want, what we value, and what matters to us. We take actions that are aligned with that, that bring us back into our power & closer to what we want.

2. Make conscious decisions (not out of ego and desire for power, but out of alignment and connection with our essence)

We choose what's in alignment with ourselves and not the social standards or expectations of our family and friends. Not what will give us more wealth, power, status and feed our ego, but what will feel fulfilling to us and make a difference in the world. We listen to our body, our intuition, and our inner guidance.

3. Are very intentional in our actions, choices, and where we focus our energy.

We understand that our energy is the most important currency and are very deliberate and selective about who we spend our time with, the actions we take, and what choices are supportive of our well-being and our vision & goals.

4. Clear on and live in integrity with our values, what we stand for, what we teach, and what we believe in.

We choose to:

↠ work and collaborate with people, organizations, and companies that align with us, our values, and our purpose

↠ say no to everything that's not a 100% yes for us

set clear boundaries and stand up for what's important to us

↠ embody what we preach: we know that people can feel our energy and whether we're genuine or not + if we embody what we believe in that inspires other people to do so too

5. Don't push and force things to happen, but we stay in action and trust in divine timing and that life will unfold in the order it needs to.

We understand that hustling, pushing, and the need for more only hurt us, that it's not sustainable in the long run, and we choose to take action from an aligned place, a connection with our heart and listening to our bodies.

We see through the illusion that something "out there" (more money, an expensive car, house, a slim body, etc.) will give us what we're looking for (love, belonging, acceptance, respect, value, etc.) and that in this very moment, we're able to give ourselves what we're looking for.

6. See possibilities and operate from an abundant mindset.

We don't give up because we know that there's always a solution for everything. We stretch our minds and our perspective, we're resourceful, and understand that there are limitless options available. And even if one door closes that just means that another one opens.

7. Prioritise doing our inner work + cultivating mindfulness and a connection with ourselves.

This helps us:

↠ have more self-awaress and understand why we do the things we do and why we react the way we do

↠ question our conditioned and programmed mind so that we can update limiting beliefs and stories that keep us in scarcity and focus on the possibility

↠ work through inner blocks so that we can move into action from a clear place

↠ heal our past wounds so we don't project them into the future and take dominion over our emotions and thoughts so they don't run the show and keep us in "thinking" vs "doing"

↠ come back into our power and inherent worth

↠ not take anything personally, especially a "no"

We do this by having a regular practice of connecting with ourselves (meditation, journaling, spiritual practice, etc.) and by working with coaches and therapists.

8. Are experts at conscious communication.

Because we take ownership over our inner experience (our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors), as well as our expectations, we're able to move from judging, blaming, shaming, and feeling powerless in our relationships to being compassionate, but still stay in our power + set our boundaries.

We know that love is kind, but it's also fierce and we move from pleasing people to building healthy relationships where both people are equals and get to have their needs met.

9. Practice inclusion and respect for all human and sentient beings.

We understand that we're all inherently worthy, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, social status, religion, disability, culture, etc., and that no one is better or worse. And although some of us may be more advanced in our consciousness or professional development, that doesn't add to or take away from our worth because worth doesn't have to be earned, it just is.


Let me know in the comments which of these 9 qualities you're already embodying and which one(s) you'd like to develop. 👇 

And if you want to become a conscious leader of your life, have the confidence to create a life you love, doing the work you love, and shortcut the path to your dreams with the help of a coach, apply here for a complimentary coaching session so we can see whether coaching would be a good fit for you.

With all my love & gratitude

Tajda 🌷


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